Lynn Ascroft

Company Director

Lynn has over 30 years experience working in the care industry, specialising in Autism and Challenging Behaviour. During this career she was proud to be the youngest Registered Manager in the whole of the London area, has been involved in the establishing of four new registered care provisions and was involved in the reprovision of patients at St Ebba’s hospital before the forming of Ridgewood Care Services in 2002. 

Lynn’s qualifications include Diploma in care management, Diploma in Caring Skills and further specialised training. Lynn continues to develop her skills and knowledge to ensure the highest standards of care within her services.

Lynn is the Registered Responsible Individual for Ridgewood Care Services and remains fully and actively involved with each of the services that we provide.

Andrea Barnes-Moss

Service Manager

Andrea has over 25 years’ experience working with adults with learning difficulties, mental health, ‘Looked after Children’ and Acquired Brain Injury. Andrea has achieved relevant qualifications to her roles and the Register Managers Award and will continue to develop her knowledge to contribute to best possible service delivery in Ridgewood Care Services.

Having worked as a registered manager in our early service expansion, Andrea returned to Ridgewood Care Services in 2019 to fulfil the role of service manager. Her responsibilities include quality assurance, management support and health & safety.

James Ascroft

Operations Manager

James has fourteen years’ experience with social care services, particularly supporting vulnerable adults. Having begun his career as a care support worker he has progressed to his current position progressing through Ridgewood Care Services.

James is practiced in positive care support delivery ranging from overseeing the development and implementation of person-centred care plans through to service management. His current responsibilities focus on human resources, business development and quality assurance.

James holds an NVQ Level 5 in Health & Social Care Management and continues to be an active and reflective member of the management team, dealing with the dynamic demands of social care, whilst currently in the process of obtaining a Masters in Social Work.

Gemma Lowrie

Administerial Manager & Registered Home Manager for Woodcote

Gemma has 10 years experience in the care industry, making her vocation in the social care sector because of her passion for supporting individuals with learning disabilities achieve the same standard and quality of life that we all enjoy. Her enthusiasm for her work has taken her through different roles in the sector and afforded her the opportunity to gain skills, qualifications, and experience.

Gemma began her career as a support worker and progressed to her current position as acting manager of Woodcote. During this time, she has worked with adults and children presenting complex learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. She is currently awaiting registration with CQC to become registered manager of Woodcote.

Gemma is constantly looking for personal development opportunities to refine her skills and knowledge base and is currently in the process of completing her NVQ Level 5 in Care Leadership & Management.

Natalie Crabtree

Registered Manager for Crockstead Farmhouse

Natalie has 15 years’ experience working with adults with learning disabilities, autism and challenging behaviour. Beginning her career as a support worker at Ridgewood Care Services’ flagship New Inn provision at the age of 18, she progressed through all senior and management roles at Woodcote, becoming registered manager in 2016. This achievement was followed by her current position as registered manager of Crockstead Farmhouse, a service which she helped establish later that same year.

Natalie’s dedication has consistently developed her in all roles with relevant training. She has completed NVQs at levels 2 through 5 and is always looking to augment her skills and knowledge. She does this in order to continually improve upon her high standards and thrives in ensuring that service users receive the highest quality of care while promoting independence and skills.

Aimee Lowrie

Acting Home Manager – New Inn

Aimee has seven years’ experience working in residential care. Aimee joined Ridgewood Care Services as the deputy manager of Crockstead Farmhouse in 2020 and progressed to Acting Manager at The New Inn. Throughout Aimee’s time in the care sector she has worked with adults who present with complex learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. Her experience and dynamic approach developed Aimee’s keen interest in supporting individuals with learning disabilities and autism with a strong foundation in Positive Behaviour Support in order to achieve constructive and enabling outcomes for the individuals that she supports.

Aimee is passionate about ensuring all our service users receive the highest quality of individualised, person-centred care and a consistent level of support to ensure they are enabled to live their lives to their fullest capabilities. Her drive and direction at The New Inn has created a warm, welcoming and open home environment for service users, staff and families alike.

Aimee takes every opportunity to complete further training to augment her knowledge and is currently completing her level 5 in care leadership and management as she awaits her registration with CQC.